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Welcome to SoftScience Shoes!

SoftScience has created footwear designed for ultimate comfort and relaxation. SoftScience shoes are perfect for working on your feet all day, light exercise, and even recovery from a hard workout. Utilizing our proprietary Trileon™ technology, SoftScience shoes have everything you want: they are light, roomy, cushioned, supportive, durable, and fun – all at affordable prices. 

SoftScience Shoes have become very popular with fisherman and boating/water enthusiasts. The fast-draining, lightweight, and slip resistant outsole are the key factors atht make SoftScience Shoes the new favorite of these sports people.

Many of our customers have voiced how much SoftScience Shoes have helped their back pain, as well as pain in their legs and feet. The proprieatery material Trileon™ is responsible for the amazing comfort of our SoftScience Footwear.

Shop Now for your SoftScience Shoe of choice. There's FREE Shipping on full priced shoes, and a 30 Day money back guarantee.



David Buchler, D.P.M., C.P.T.

"As a former Podiatric physician and surgeon for 20 years, and presently a Personal Trainer specializing in Rehabilitation I have seen most foot problems imaginable. I am proud to recommend the SoftScience line of footwear. It is Light, Comfortable, and allows the feet to function in the way nature intended it to. The technology of the midsole and outer sole makes you feel like you are walking on air. Most foot, Knee, Hip and Back conditions could benefit from this shoes amazing Shock Absorption feature."